Mr. Mori Arkin

Founder and Chairman

Founder and Chairman Moshe “Mori” Arkin is one of Israel’s most successful life sciences and pharmaceutical entrepreneurs. A renowned industrialist and generic drug specialist, he founded Arkin Holdings in 2009. Today the company owns a healthcare portfolio of $1 billion through four investment arms, with holdings in some 20 Israeli companies developing pharmaceutical drugs and equipment.

Previously Mr. Arkin headed Agis, which he took over at age 19 from his late father, Ziama Arkin. Mori grew Agis into a leading dermatological company in the US until its acquisition by Perrigo in 2005 for $818 million. He has extensive experience in developing and commercializing pharmaceutical drug products, and has held leadership roles in several companies with significant ties to innovative and generic drug companies.

Mr. Arkin holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and philosophy from Tel Aviv University, and has studied for several years at the university’s Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas. An aficionado of Renaissance art, he has studied Michelangelo and published an essay on the artist’s Florentine Pietá.

Together with his wife Doris, Mr. Arkin has been involved in a broad range of social and cultural philanthropic ventures in Israel. In 2011 they formed the Arkin Family Foundation, which supports organizations and projects in education, arts and culture, welfare, healthcare, civil rights, and Jewish-Arab coexistence.