Dr. Mor Vered joined Arkin Holdings in 2019 as an analyst for the pharma division. Her primary duties involve assessing new technologies, conducting in-depth market research, and maintaining connections with Israel’s academic technology transfer offices.

Prior to joining Arkin, Dr. Vered worked as a licensing assistant at Yeda R&D, the technology transfer company of the Weizmann Institute of Science. In this capacity, she was involved in early-stage technology transfers, providing information on Weizmann Institute’s most innovative projects, conducting market research, and liaising with potential investors.

Dr. Vered holds a B.Sc in biology from the Open University, an M.Sc in medicine from Tel Aviv University, and a Ph.D in immunology from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Her Ph.D research focused on intestinal immunity in health and disease, and spanned both basic and pre-clinical aspects. Through this multidisciplinary work, Dr. Vered has acquired extensive knowledge on translating academia-based initiatives into practical and commercial settings.