In 1961 Mr. Ziama Arkin founded Agis as the certified Israeli pharmaceutical importer for a number of foreign pharma companies. After the death of Mr. Ziama Arkin in 1972, his 19 year old son, Mori, took the lead, while he was serving in the IDF and completing a degree in Psychology.

In 1994, Agis purchased Clay Park and gained with it, control over its first production facility. A new era of Agis drug development and production had begun. Under Mori Arkin, who remained the principal shareholder and chairman of the board, Agis (1983) Ltd. grew to become one of the biggest leaders in the dermatological generic space in the US. In 2005 Perrigo (PRGO) purchased Agis in an $818M transaction.


Mr. Mori Arkin founded Arkin Holdings in 2009, with the vision of creating a professional and financial platform. The aim was to empower pioneering developments in healthcare, focusing on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology medical devices and healthcare as a whole.

Mr. Arkin was already a renowned industrialist and generic drug specialist, looking to create a platform that would enable him to invest in what he knows best - healthcare. Leveraging this experience of its founder and professional team, Arkin Holdings continuously searches for opportunities to take part in innovative healthcare endeavors, that provide solutions for unmet medical needs.

Arkin Holdings offers a distinctive combination of practical industry knowledge, deep market outreach, significant investment experience and financial resources - managing its own financial portfolio and contributing to the R&D and growth of its holding companies.

Arkin Holdings currently has a healthcare portfolio worth $1.5 billion through its 5 investment arms. Its investors include a substantial amount of Israel’s top-tier institutional investors.